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Parels 2000
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Parels 2000

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About K3

K3 is an all-female Belgian-Dutch music group with a Dutch language repertoire and primarily enjoyed by pre-and adolescent children. The group's name is derived from first letters of the three original members' first names: Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts, but the current line-up is composed of Hanne Verbruggen, Marthe De Pillecyn and Klaasje Meijer.

Kathleen Aerts left the group in 2009. Josje Huisman was chosen as K3's new member on October 3, 2009. Their music is produced by the production company Studio 100 and is written by Miguel Wiels, Alain Vande Putte and Peter Gillis. K3 was founded by Niels William.

The band's rise to fame surprisingly came without any airplay from the regular music television channels like MTV. K3 is a band directed towards kids and chose to market itself directly to children via cartoon channels.

Their signature style is that all three girls in the group mostly wear the same outfit, and each girl's hair is one…Read more on Wikipedia