De hemelsteen

Jack Whyte (author)
De hemelsteen
De hemelsteen De hemelsteen

De hemelsteen

Jack Whyte (author)
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Arthur-romans, Romans
De hemelsteen
Jack Whyte
Original title
The skystone
Utrecht: Kanteel, 1998
480 p.

About Jack Whyte

Jack Whyte (born 1940) is a Scottish-Canadian novelist of historical fiction. Born and raised in Scotland, Whyte has been living in Canada since 1967. He resides in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Whyte's major work to date is a series of historical novels retelling the story of King Arthur against the backdrop of Roman Britain. This version of the popular legend eschews the use of magic to explain Arthur's ascent to power and instead relies on the historical condition (with some artistic licence) of post-Roman Britain to support the theory that Arthur was meant to counter the anarchy left by the Roman departure from Britain in 410 AD and the subsequent colonization and invasion of Britain by various peoples from Northwestern Europe, including the Saxons, Jutes, Franks, and Angles. Whyte incorporates both traditional Arthurian names, places and events (albeit in Gaelic or Latin form) as well as the names of various historical figures that have been suggested as being the …Read more on Wikipedia